February 7th ~"Starting a Medicinal Herb Farm from Scratch" presented at Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) Conference Presentation


February 16th ~  21st Century Medicine: Herbal Remedies for Stress Relief

By virtue of the fact that we are alive at this time, stress is unavoidable ... but it is manageable ! In this class we'll learn about several herbal allies that we can call upon to offer up their support in this arena, as well as other nourishing, holistic practices to soothe the weary soul. We'll make herbal tinctures, oxymels and bath salts. No experience necessary. 3-5 pm . $30. To register go to .  
*Given all the snow we've had this Winter and the cancellations/ postponements we've dealt with, we've decided that going online would probably be a good Wintertime option. This is our first online class, so please bare with us as we work out the kinks. For those who can make it in person and get their hands dirty, we would love to have you. For those who can't, the online option will be available.

February 17th ~ Black Walnut Tree Tapping

Did you know that trees other than Maple can be tapped for syrup and taste just as good ? Join our resident forager, David Browne , who will be demonstrating how easy it is to tap black walnut trees, and everyone gets a taste as well. 1- 2 pm. $20. To register click link below.